Cathartic Journals for Creative Souls

Upcycled materials transformed into journals for the passionate and playful mind.  

Junk Journals...

A junk journal is a book often made with recycled paper, found or repurposed scraps, and old book covers. 

We'll call it a metaphor for life. It's not about the junk we experience, accumulate, or project but about how we transform that junk into something worthwhile. 

From forgotten words to adorned pages, each book transforms into something new. Your book becomes a safe space to sketch, write, collage, collect, and remember. By giving these unused pieces a second chance, there is hope to inspire creativity, limit waste, and nurture a love of the written word. 

Handmade items can be made from old books, fabric, buttons, upcycled finds, random embellishments, paint, stained pages, and textures galore. 

Much like ourselves, each book is fabulously flawed with a touch of beauty and chaos. 

Keep in mind...

Blue Hummingbird

Shop Owner

Embrace the chaos of the vessel and the freedom between the pages. Change what you don’t like and embrace what you do. Allow your mind, heart, spirit, and creativity to thrive on each page. Explore your pleasures and pains - save momentous moments and minute details. Nothing about your journal is meant to be perfect – not what you have in your hand thus far or what you create. It is meant to live and grow and thrive – just like you!